Playlist Empie: 10 OST Drama Korea Terbaper 2017

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Tahun ini ada banyak OST drama korea yang bikin baper! tapi aku cuma masukin 10 list OST drama korea terbaper versi empie. OST drama korea yang cocok banget didengerin pas suasana syahdu. Nyesss banget pokoknya! Rata-rata OST yang aku masukin di list kali ini adalah lagu mellow dengan lirik lagu yang dalem banget.

1. A Pink's Eun Ji - You're My Garden (OST Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) 

"If only I was a flower in your garden
If only I was a cloud in your sky
I want to decorate and make you prettier
With my own colors
Like this, Love U"

2. Younha - Love U (OST Revolutionary Love)

"I can’t swallow my feelings
It’s hard to hide my sad eyes
The night we were together
Passes by like a lie

Even after just one day
Your traces get thicker
Even all the memories, even the longing

Love you love you love you
I miss you, love you love you"

3. Tarin - Going Home (OST School 2017)

"Let’s go home, it’s getting dark
So my tired feet can rest

So my shaking heart
As if it’s being blown by the wind
Can rest as well

My scattered dreams
And this day that was hard to get through

It’ll pass like those hard times before
Even the white winter, made with sadness
Will pass when spring comes and flowers bloom"

4. K.Will – The Person Who I Love (OST Ruler-Master of The Mask)

"The person I love is you
The person who hurts me is you
If I can see you as much as I love you
I would see you every day

I try to erase you
But it’s not as easy as I thought"

5. Lucia - Without You (OST Bride Of The Water God)

"Sometimes, I sit
Without any thoughts or feelings
But I don’t know why, tears fall
What’s wrong with me?

It’s so lonely, me without you
I’m so lonely, on a night without anyone
Only holding onto lonely memories
Every day, I’m waiting for you"

6. Song Hee Jin feat Lee Yo Han - Shelter (OST Because This Is My First Life)

"I couldn’t even breathe, it was too much
I was lost and wandering, nowhere to go
Let me lend your warm shoulder for a moment
Please be my shelter for my exhausted soul
Let me give you my scarred heart for a moment
You can just look at me once in a while"

7. Ma Eun Ji - Strange Day (OST Hospital Ship)

"On top of the shallow, unfamiliar air
This night softly presses on my heart
The frequent sighs, the empty smiles
That’s how they see me

Love and hate pass by my side
My repetitive life loses meaning
Barely falling asleep at dawn
Will I be able to find a little bit of happiness?"

8. Suzy - I Love You Boy (OST While You Were Sleeping)

"Because I love you boy
Come by my side
Because I need you boy
I miss you even in my dreams

You moved my cold heart
You made my heart cry
That person is you
I tried to forget, I tried to erase
But my love is you"

9. Moon Sung Nam - This Life  (OST Because This Is My First Life)

"Stay with me like this without a sound
As if we’re quietly together by fate
There’s no more scent left at all
But I still feel it"

10. Sung Hoon & Song Ji Eun - Same (My Secret Romance)

"Two minus one is one but
Me without you is not one at all
When I see you, my heart trembles
When I miss you, my heart rings
I wanna be your one and only
I wanna know you
Not your blood type or sign
But the real you
The you that no one else knows
Will you tell me?"

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