Korean Drama Quotes : Legend Of The Blue Sea

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Edisi kangen Heo Joon Jae, kali ini aku buat quote atau kutipan dari drama korea Legend Of The Blue Sea. 😍

“He knew the mermaid would definitely appear to save him who can’t swim. But he did not know an important detail: mermaids have a special ability – that by kissing a human, they can erase memories of themselves from that person. Just like that, the mermaid disappeared like sea foam from the child’s memories”

Legend Of The Blue Sea Quote 

1. "Waiting is a word that means something good is going to happen. A word that even when there is somenthing scary like a shark swimming around, you don't have to be scared or look around" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

2. "Do you know what I hate the most? Leaving without saying goodbye" -  Heo Joon Jae #LegenOfTheBlueSea

3. My hand, you could've left me but you held it several times. You are a good person" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

4. "Let's go together to the end of the world" - Heo Joon Jae #LegendOfTheBlueSea

6. "Even through the windy rainstorm, even though the sun may be burning down on me, though I am lonely and without anyone by my side and even if it's somewhere I have never been before, I will endure it all all and be sure to go to you. I love you" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

7. "Protecting others comes after protecting yourself" - Heo Joon Jae #LegendOfTheBlueSea

8. "I will wait until 'next time' because I'm good at waiting" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

9. "For me, loving someone is the easiest thing to do. Even when I tried so hard not to, I couldn't help but to love. I wanted to be disappointed, I could not. For me, love overcomes everything" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

10. "The easiest thing in the world is getting disappointed by another person. Even after liking someone after his/her outer appearance, one will quickly be disappointed. That's how human beings are" - Heo joon Jae #LegendOfTheBlueSea

11. "This time, don't erase (the memories). This memory, this rememberance, even if it hurts, it's something that I will bring to the end. It belongs to me" - Kim Dam Ryung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

12. "Life is naturally all about something thet is about to work out but then it may not. The most important thing is you should never give up on what you've chosen until it becomes yours" - Heo Joon Jae #LegendOfTheBlueSea

13. Since you gave up and chose something else, don't hold on to what you let go" - Heo Joon Jae #LegendOfTheBlueSea

14. "Among the many words I've learnt after coming here, the best worrds are happy ending. I'm sure this very moment is a happy ending. But the hope and despair thet life give you is that  time keeps flowing and the moment passes. Behind that moment of brilliant happiness, no one knows what kind of moment await" - Shim Chung #LegendOfTheBlueSea

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