ITS TIME Taecyeon feat San E and Yubin

By Empie - 20:11

Its Time - Taecyeon
Unstoppable Time, immediately right now
no matter what other say,stay on top,look at us
I'll show you everything yu've been watching
Put ur hands up in the sky.. 4x

it’s the 5th year since our debut, 
we’ve run like mad, and now we look back at it
Wat they call us now, we big n mighty 2PM.
We gon’ rock ur world hands up and shake it
When we came out with 10 points out of 10,
they were like how, you guys are singers or a circus?
Applause mingled with laughter, only snorting at us
We bring it up front. Never back down from a fight 
Dominating on top, beastly idols up in the sky

You said “you’re charming”. Yes, I am, but is that it? (Oh please)
If you’re going to know me, find out more and then speak.
In case you don’t know, I’m telling you
Come after having googled or something. 
Then we might speak the same language 
Don’t ask me what time it is now 
Cause you know it’s my time to make you wow
Even if you say it’s not like that, you will definitely fall for me immediately,
I’m not your Genie for your dream
But I’m the entrancing Fantasy you’ve dreamed of.
I’m your Fantasy

Hello! Like 2PM now, Hands up u-u-up (yeah)
This time follow me Ha-a-a-nds d-d-down (shut it)
More applauses, more praise, bigger and bigger, really good time
Continues forever, I might’ve known that days like these would come, 
but the outcome was defeat
So much words to say, album’s not coming out
That’s right, my own results
when I kept on doing everything at random as I wanted just like that (like that)
Dropped Mixtape formally for free, 
Meaning - coming back to basics (so)
Keep it inside your ear, the 8 sentences of this track ,
it’s the rap that is the start of my rehab.

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