Januari 27, 2017

Korean Drama Quotes : Goblin Dokkaebi

Sepertinya mulai tahun 2017 ini aku bakal sering bikin postingan tentang quote atau kutipan dari drama korea yang ngena banget dan mesti diabadikan di blog sebagi dedikasi pecinta drama korea *haiyahhh :D 

Dan ini beberapa quote atau kutipan dari drama korea Goblin (Dokkaebi)

"At the moment of life and death, make a wish a powerful desire. A soft-hearted creator might grant you that wish"

"A human's sacrifice is something the almighty can't predict. It wasn't a part of his plan that's because it's a momentary insticnt and a choice that solely made by thah human. It is a choice that human can make"

"When you're coming home on rainy night, what is it that becomes your umbrella. A voice that answers when you call. A memory of seeing the same thing at the same time. The first time you matched someone;s pace. Does someone come to mind? Yes, it;s taht person"

" That girl, a tiny as violet. That girl, drifting in the sky, like the petals of a flower draws me to her with a force greater than the one everted by the earth. In a single moment, I fell and rolled toward her without a rhyme or reason, just as Newton's apple did"

"The ones left behind should live even harder. We might cry from time to time but we should smile a lot and cheer up. You are obligated to do thet in return for the love you received"

"Every moment I spent with you.. shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it. No matter what happens"

" I wish you would continue to need me. I wish you would ask that of me. I wish I could use permission as an excuse. With that excuse, I wish I could stay alive with you"

" I love all the roads we will walk together. I love all the sceneries we will see together. I love all the questions we will shyly ask each other and all the answers to those queations. I love you in all those moments" 

"You shouldn't make a wish anymore. There's no need for that. I'll stay by your side from now on"

"Your choice is the only answer in life"

"I know it's imposisible but I dreamed of a happy ending" 

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